Our Mission

We all know that preventative medicine is a crucial method of addressing serious health concerns. Preventative care affords identification and treatment of disease or illness, in the early stages, before such concerns have a chance to manifest themselves and become critical. There are preventative measures we can all take in relation to protecting our retirement savings as well.

American Annuity Advocates wants to play a meaningful part in helping you protect your retirement savings, and thus, enjoy your retirement years, by providing you with accurate information.

Because no one cares about your money more than you do, it is crucial that Americans across the country take the time to educate themselves. Take the time to learn about retirement planning, and to learn about savings or investment products that will grow and protect your nest egg. When the time comes to draw upon those assets in retirement, you need to be confident that your money will be there when you need it.

 We have a unique perspective we can share with you, along with unique financial planning tools that you won’t find anywhere else.  We feel this approach will genuinely help you make informed decisions and recommendations.  It will provide additional perspective and actionable insight. You will know what to expect, and have a better understanding as to how an annuity will perform, relative to the product’s mechanics, as well as the potential range of returns and interest.    

Get Started Now!

Once you complete the “Get Started Now form” on the home page, an Insurance Representative, FINRA registered representative, or an Investment Advisor representative may contact you to offer their assistance relative to your interest in discussing annuities, and how they may or may not fit into your retirement.