If you are an individual, a human resources professional, an accountant, a CPA, or an attorney looking for a financial professional to help you, your employees, or your clients understand more fully why an annuity may, or may not, be appropriate in providing for a secure retirement, American  Annuity Advocates will provide you with a professional experience.

 We have a unique perspective we can share with you, along with unique financial planning tools that you won’t find anywhere else.  We feel this approach will genuinely help you make informed decisions and recommendations.  It will provide additional perspective and actionable insight. You, your client, or your employee will know what to expect, and have a better understanding as to how the annuity will perform, relative to the product’s mechanics, as well as the potential range of returns and interest.    

All annuities are not created equal, as there are a plethora of annuities available in the marketplace. These include fixed annuities, various forms of immediate annuities, variable annuities, Type #1 fixed- indexed annuities, and Type #2 fixed-indexed annuities.  We realize that all of this can be confusing.  Additionally, not everyone is a candidate for every type of annuity.  Different annuity types may be designed to fit, or may be more appropriate, for a client’s particular situation.

Quite frankly, there are certain annuities that we would not recommend at all. We say that because we write the software that shows financial professionals and their clients exactly how the different types of various annuities work.  All too often an individual will sign annuity paperwork without fully understanding how the particular annuity product they are committing their money to, actually works.

It has been our experience that a traditional financial planner without the expertise or experience may not understand the Real Value of an Income Stream©.  This means that we can show you what net interest rate or net return you would have to realize with a different type of investment or savings product, as a comparison,  in order for you to receive the same annual income as provided by an optimal annuity strategy selected.  If that sounds a bit complicated, I assure you that we can not only explain it, but we can demonstrate the Real Value of an Income Stream©  in a very practical and transparent fashion, right before your eyes, on your computer screen for you to actually see, making it relatively simple for all parties involved.

What you, your employees, or your clients may decide to do with their retirement savings,  will likely be one of the most important financial decisions you, or they, ever make.  We are here to help everyone arrive at the best possible decision relative to their particular situation, by taking what may be considered a forensic approach, measuring various options, relative to the total income  and residual value received through a person’s life expectancy.

At American Annuity Advocates we apply due diligence so that we may assist you in the selection of the appropriate annuity product for your specific  situation.  We will make things simple in terms of  helping you  or your client understand product features such as various guaranteed lifetime income riders, by meeting with you via your personal computer or by phone. We do not want anyone to put their money, their 401k, or their life savings into a financial product without feeling comfortable, without knowing exactly what they are doing.  Unfortunately, it happens all the time, people and their advisors make decisions and commit to an annuity or investment product  without doing proper due diligence, with the right people.    When assisting human resources professionals, accountants,  CPAs, or attorneys, and their clients, we are confident in making direct recommendations tailored to the client’s needs and wants, relative to upside Growth potential, 100% Protection of principal and interest, Protected Liquidity, and guaranteed static or guaranteed increasing Income, as measured through your life expectancy, and beyond.

We deal with folks across the country in an unobtrusive fashion through the use of GoToMeeting.  This allows all of us to share information that assists all interested parties in arriving at good decisions, in the comfort of your home or office, or anywhere you can access a computer.  It’s a practical, logical, and transparent approach aimed at helping everyone avoid mistakes, aimed at helping consumers and the advisors choose the right annuity as opposed to the wrong annuity, and that’s if an annuity is deemed appropriate at all!  We would be happy to meet with you via a scheduled GoToMeeting,  so that you may have the opportunity to get comfortable with the process.   If you or your client are more comfortable meeting with someone face to face in your local area, we can introduce you to a properly licensed financial professional. The choice is yours.

Making informed decisions about an annuity requires expertise and specialization.  Although American Annuity Advocates is our name, our awareness of all of your current financial assets is important. Utilizing or talking about other financial assets may be appropriate in developing a safe retirement planning strategy. Ultimately, your annuity and retirement planning strategy should be something that you can count on, and look forward to.  Essentially, we will be showing  you how to insure and protect your client’s retirement income, for the rest of your lives, regardless of stock market volatility.