About Us

American Annuity Advocates was created and incorporated in 2004, by the principals of American Brokerage Services Inc. The origin of the idea to build a website / service for consumers, human resource professionals, and financial professionals, stems from the quantity of conflicting information, bias, and misinformation about annuities in the market place.

Our objective is to provide clear information about all aspects of fixed and fixed-indexed annuities, as they relate to the spectrum of risk and return. Through this website, we hope to clarify your perspective as to which retirement savings or investment vehicles suit your retirement objectives.

American Annuity Advocates wants to play a meaningful part in helping you protect your retirement savings, and thus, enjoy your retirement years, by providing you with accurate information.

We all know that preventative medicine is a crucial method of addressing serious health concerns. Preventative care affords identification and treatment of disease or illness, in the early stages, before such concerns have a chance to manifest themselves and become critical. There are healthy, preventative measures we can all take, in relation to protecting our retirement savings, as well.

Because no one cares about your money more than you do, it is crucial that Americans across the country take the time to educate themselves. Take the time to learn about retirement planning, and to learn about savings or investment products that will grow and protect your nest egg. When the time comes to draw upon those assets in retirement, you need to be confident that your money will be there when you need it!

Who can benefit from annuities?

  1. Current CD owners
  2. Current annuity owners,
  3. Retirement savers,
  4. Consumers who desire potentially higher returns linked to an external benchmark index with principal and interest rate guarantees.
  5. Soon-to-be recipients of:
    1. pensions
    2. 401ks
    3. 403bs
    4. those considering a rollover of their IRAs

Fixed-indexed annuities can help you meet your long-term retirement needs by protecting value in volatile times. In addition to protecting your principal, they provide tax deferral, and offer guaranteed lifetime income. Plus, your heirs may receive the residual value of your fixed-indexed annuity contract as a death benefit.

Many retirees are fearful of losing money in the stock market. With fixed and fixed-indexed annuities, as long as the consumer remains in the annuity contract for the agreed period of time, (3, 5, 7, 10 years etc…), they will not lose another dime of their savings, regardless of the volatility in the stock market.

American Annuity Advocates understands that consumers hear conflicting advice from financial consultants seeking their retirement savings or investment business. In addition, the media is associated with misinformation regarding annuities and how annuities relate to other savings or investment choices.

We think it’s important to be aware that a financial professional may favor, or have a certain orientation relative to, the financial products he or she utilizes with their clients. For example, one professional may be more oriented towards market sensitive investments, which means he or she may be more likely to recommend an investment product tied directly to the stock market, while another financial professional may be more oriented towards savings products. Due to a consequential limited perspective, a financial professional may believe that one type of product is more often the consumer’s best choice. One, or both, may feel that by diversifying, and/ or by purchasing an income rider designed to protect your future income needs, that he or she will still have an opportunity to grow your assets, and protect your retirement nest egg simultaneously.

Keep in mind that we are all products of our environment and training. The financial professionals’ job may be to present to you market sensitive investments, which come with market risk, and this may be where their experience is strongest. These professionals may not be trained in, or have experience with savings oriented products, such as annuities. Because they may view the spectrum of risk and return from a market oriented perspective, all of the information they encounter in the financial services market place goes through their personal filter before it is processed. As a result the information they take in, and the information they provide clients, may have a bias, that is, they may naturally favor market sensitive investment products. What financial professionals need to remember is that they are working with your money, not theirs. A financial professional should put their best foot forward in their attempt to be fair and balanced in his or her approach to growing and protecting your money.

American Annuity Advocates brings educational information and perspective to consumers, in an effort to provide clarity which we believe they will not find from many other sources. Again, since no one cares about your money more than you do, consumers need to take the time to educate themselves about the decisions affecting their retirement nest egg. Stop, look, listen, and gain clarity, then choose the retirement savings options that are clearly right for you. You will not endanger your retirement savings if you act now to familiarize yourself with the array of savings and investment choices available to you. Once you complete the “Get Started now form” on the home page, an Insurance Representative, FINRA registered representative, or an Investment Advisor representative may contact you to offer their assistance relative to your interest in discussing annuities, and how they may or may not fit into your retirement.